Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hawaii's Waikiki Roughwater Swim One of Best in America

A graduate of Yale University who went on to cofound the hedge fund Blue Crest Capital Management, Bill Reeves now lives in Hawaii, where he focuses his efforts on philanthropic causes. In his leisure time, Bill Reeves enjoys open-water swimming.

According to, Hawaii is the site of the second-best open-water swim in the United States. The Waikiki Roughwater Swim, an annual 2.4-mile race, has taken place on Labor Day for the past 47 years. Competitors touch down on the shores of Honolulu's Oahu Island and swim from the east to the west end of Waikiki Beach, passing under the base of the Diamond Head volcanic cone. 

Described as a picturesque course featuring beautiful coral beds and vast, colorful marine life, the swim is often made difficult by strong currents. The 2015 swim, for example, had to be cancelled following a water safety services advisory. A total of 433 people completed the 2016 race, with the top finishers completing the course in just under an hour.