Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Benefits of Moderate Actions Rods

Hawaii native Bill Reeves is the cofounder of Blue Crest Capital Management, a hedge fund based in Boston, Massachusetts. He is also active in a number of nonprofits in Hawaii and other states. During his free time, Bill Reeves actively pursues several hobbies, one of which is fly fishing.

Fly fishing is a method of fishing wherein an artificial fly is used to lure fish. It involves casting the fly using a special weighted line, or fly line, and a fly rod and reel. Apart from the specialized equipment, fly fishing requires a specific casting technique that is quite different from other forms of casting.

Those who are interested in becoming fly fishers need to learn the different types of rod actions. Deciding on the type of rod action to use depends on many factors including skill level. A suitable rod choice for beginners is a moderate action rod. Moderate action rods are known to be very versatile and are suitable for the widest range of fishing conditions. Although flexible, these rods also offer a considerable degree of stiffness. This leads to improved line control and accuracy.

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